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15 Photos Show Why the Internet Is Crazy Over Maine Coons

“Dive into the world of the majestic Maine Coon, a cat renowned not only for its grandeur but its rich historical roots in New England. From its mysterious origins possibly linked to the Vikings to its unparalleled adaptability to human lifestyles, discover the enchantment that surrounds this feline. Join us as we unveil the captivating charm of Maine Coons and their undeniable presence in the realm of feline aficionados.”

Brazil lost 500 million bees in 3 months in 2019, raising concerns about the future of the Earth and its people

One of the most crucial species responsible for the earth’s natural well-being is in danger. The pollination services provided by bees are vital to the agricultural industry. An estimated one-third of the food we eat each day is reliant on pollination by bees. Brazil has brought us the heartbreaking news that up to 500 million bees have been lost.

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